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Credit Building

To support women in greater economic stability, whether they are employed or self- employed, Financial Coaching has become available to all women being served by the OneKC for Women alliance.  
With Financial Coaching, each woman has access to a coach who will meet the woman where she is at when she gets connected to the alliance. Her goals will take priority in the one-on-one meetings with the coach providing support, direction, and technical assistance where needed. As a part of the program model, each woman will be able to complete a credit report review and action plan with a Financial Coach. Once understanding the key steps a woman needs to take to build her credit score, she can take control of her financial future and within months will start to see the larger impact in her life of having a higher credit score.
The Women's Employment Network became the second Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) in Kansas City in November of 2013. As a Financial Opportunity Center, WEN provides the bundled services of employment coaching, financial coaching and income supports. WEN is excited to be a part of the LISC Financial Opportunity Center Network that is improving lives across the country. To learn more, download the FOC brochure, Building Your Financial Future.
Financial Coaching is a free service that is available to clients of the Women's Employment Network, the Women's Business Center as well as community members.

To contact a Financial Coach, click here.