Welcome to a Powerful Alliance

Our city is home to thousands of working women. Some are looking for a job or a better job. Others are starting a business. Many have achieved a measure of success that allows them to mentor and support others. OneKC for Women is the one place all of these women can connect — helping each other grow and succeed.

A Perfect Collaboration

OneKC for Women is an umbrella alliance that brings together several organizations, each with unique roles, all dedicated to providing resources, opportunities and connections for women. The alliance brings together the following organizations:

Women’s Employment Network, Women’s Business CenterWomen’s Capital Connection, and WE-Lend. These four organizations are powerful advocates for women and are committed to assisting women on their quest for personal, professional and financial self-sufficiency.

By working together as OneKC for Women, these partner organizations are able to better achieve a common goal:  empowering women to achieve financial independence.

OneKC for Women is where women can find the resources, opportunities and connections needed to advance employment opportunities, start a business, grow a business or receive guidance and support in overcoming barriers to success. Whatever resources a woman needs, the alliance is here to help support each individual on her journey.

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