Signature Program

The Women’s Employment Network (WEN) provides a training program uniquely structured to meet the varying needs and skill levels of women in all stages of employment: those who are unemployed, underemployed, laid off, new to the job market or seeking to re-enter the workplace.

WEN understands that achieving economic stability requires training and support at multiple levels. With a unique focus on personal responsibility and self-confidence, the training program offers a comprehensive approach that includes:


Women meet with the Personal Support Specialist, Employment Services Representative and Training Facilitator to discuss their strengths, concerns and barriers, and create a plan for success.

Résumé Development

Women learn how to assess their unique skills, abilities and experiences, and package them into concise résumés that serve as a foundation for their job search. These résumés help open doors to interviews and quality job opportunities.

Interview Strategies

Women prepare for and participate in mock interviews conducted by human-resources professionals and managers who volunteer from area businesses.

Job Search

Women work closely with the Employment Services Representative to develop an individualized job search strategy. This takes into consideration your specific needs and access to resources, and maximizes your efforts. Women learn how to develop and use their personal network, how to research employers, how to complete applications online and post résumés to job sites.

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