Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for both the mentor and mentee. The OneKC for Women alliance has several opportunities to mentor clients based on their goals.

Growth Mentoring Service

The Growth Mentoring Service is a program that connects entrepreneurs with a team of skilled, experienced volunteer mentors.  We use a group mentoring approach - a lead mentor coordinates a team of 3-4 mentors that meets with the entrepreneur(s) in sessions that provide practical, day-to-day professional advice and coaching.  GMS mentors are selected based on their experience in areas relevant to the needs of entrepreneurs, for their enthusiasm for the program and an entrepreneur's business.  Mentors are required to subscride, in writing, to a Statement of Principles that govern their behavior, outline their responsibilities, ensure confidentiality, guard against conflicts of interest, ensure a safe environment and control finacial involvement with the entrepreneurs and their business.  Entrepreneurs are required to request and set an agenda for each meeting.  Relationships between mentors and entrepreneurs are formed based on the needs of the entrepreneur and the interests of available mentors.

Quick Facts:

  • Exclusively for entrepreneurs managing businesses with greater than $100,000 annual revenue
  • Comprehensive MIT Venture Mentoring Service-certified training for mentors is provided free of charge
  • Requires time commitment of the equivalent of one to two full days per month
  • Mentors must work with at least one team, but may choose to work with multiple teams, and are generally expected to participate in more than one team
  • Mentor pool includes experienced entrepreneurs and other executives from all walks of life, as well as industry-expert specialists
  • All communications are confidential

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Women’s Business Center

A wide variety of mentoring models have been used at the Women’s Business Center. 

Start-up businesses
An entrepreneur who has completed our FastTrac NewVenture course can benefit a great deal from subject matter experts in their first year of operation.

Existing businesses
Women-led business owners looking to scale their business growth may benefit from a one-on-one mentor, an advisory board, or a peer-to-peer roundtable mentoring experience. Client assessment will determine what matches are appropriate for the goals of the entrepreneur.

Women’s Capital Connection

Entrepreneurs receive a great deal of one-on-one consulting in their search for angel funding. If they become a portfolio company through investments from the angel network, the subject matter experts who may surround them during their business growth will also be the focus of the network relationships during post-investment.

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