Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for both the mentor and mentee. The OneKC for Women alliance has several opportunities to mentor clients based on their goals.

Women’s Employment Network

You can get involved by helping one woman through all steps of her job search. WEN clients benefit from close mentor relationships with volunteers who can give them insight into the professional world. Women in WEN’s training program are given the option to participate in the mentorship program.

Mentors see women through the whole training process, and then continue to communicate and follow up with their contact through the job-search and employment process. This relationship not only gives confidence to the woman, but also provides a valuable link to someone who can give strong professional advice.

Women’s Business Center

A wide variety of mentoring models have been used at the Women’s Business Center. 

Start-up businesses
An entrepreneur who has completed our FastTrac NewVenture course can benefit a great deal from subject matter experts in their first year of operation.

Existing businesses
Women-led business owners looking to scale their business growth may benefit from a one-on-one mentor, an advisory board, or a peer-to-peer roundtable mentoring experience. Client assessment will determine what matches are appropriate for the goals of the entrepreneur.

Women’s Capital Connection

Entrepreneurs receive a great deal of one-on-one consulting in their search for angel funding. If they become a portfolio company through investments from the angel network, the subject matter experts who may surround them during their business growth will also be the focus of the network relationships during post-investment.

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