I Want To...

Get feedback on my résumé

Résumé development and review

Résumé development is part of the core training program.

Résumé feedback

You can get feedback from our volunteer professionals.

Learn more about our services

Find a job, but I’m overwhelmed

Our resources may help

At WEN, we have the resources to help you if you are overwhelmed with things in your life.

WEN may be able to help

We have several ways to assist you in overcoming obstacles that keep you from steady employment.

Find job leads, contact employers

Leads come to WEN regularly

Area employers provide job leads to WEN that will get your job search started.

WEN can individualize your job search

Your job search strategy takes into consideration your needs and access to resources to maximize your efforts.

Learn more about credit building

Find qualified job applicants

Conduct on-site interviews and employment testing

HR professionals connect with WEN’s Employment Services Representative:

WEN has qualified applicants

WEN grads could be a great fit for your company and are prepared for today’s workforce.

Volunteer my time

Ways to volunteer

Learn all the ways you can make an immediate impact in a woman’s life.

Become a mentor

Make a difference

Reconnect with WEN

Reconnect with other WEN Alumnae

Join the Alumnae Association and reconnect with fellow WEN graduates.

Are you looking to reconnect?

Graduates may reconnect with WEN at any time.

Get business suits for interviews

For participants only

As part of the five-week program, our participants receive business attire.

Better prepare to find employment

WEN can help

Our programs can help you get better prepared.

Post a job lead

Job leads are shared with WEN alumni

WEN’s Employment Services Representative will assist in the process.

Hire a WEN graduate

WEN can get you connected

WEN’s Employment Services Representative can get you connected to qualified job seekers.

Learn how to build my network

Build My Network

Learn how to build your network in order to secure employment.

Build better workplace relationships

Learn how through workshops

Learn to build better relationships in the workplace.

Learn how to apply for jobs online

Applying for jobs online

Get hands-on support during a structured job search.

Get hands-on support from WEN

Learn how to attach my cover letter or résumé to an online job posting.

Improve my skills reading job leads

Job Search can help

You will learn how to interpret and better understand the language used in job leads.

Update my employment information

WEN can help

Contact our Employment Services Representative:

Start a business

Opening a Business

Get the resources you need to start a business

Grow my business

Grow Your Business

Find the resources to accelerate your business growth

Become an Angel Investor

Contact WCC

Contact Kelly Pruneau, WCC Network Manager, for more information.

Become a member of WCC

Many angel investors are members of angel groups like Women’s Capital Connection. These networks allow the angels to increase their access to investment opportunities and diversify their investment portfolio.

Certain accreditation guidelines apply

Angel investors must meet SEC accreditation guidelines.

Learn about Angel Investing

Early stage entrepreneurs

Angel investors provide expertise and connections to early-stage entrepreneurs.

Cash to young companies

Angel investors provide cash to young companies in exchange for equity.

High-net-worth individuals

Angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who invest in early-stage companies.

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